Why Is Australia A Student Favourite Study Destination?

Discover why Australia is a top choice for international students. Exceptional education, stunning scenery, and easy visa access are just a few reasons to study down under.

Why Is Australia A Student Favourite Study Destination?
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Apr 25, 2023 08:53 AM
Home to the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, Australia has been a top favourite destination for the international community. The bright and colourful lands of the Commonwealth of Australia has always attracted large crowds from all around the globe. Indians, Americans, the English, Arabs, every nationality can be found in this vibrant land. Furthermore, Australia is a hot pick when it comes to students applying for Postgraduate studies. Being a country with renowned universities, the best of research facilities and top-notch technological advancements, Australia is definitely a crowd stealer for students interested in higher studies. Here we have a few more reasons why Australia seems to be an appealing temptation for all prospective students.

Exceptional Education System

Australia has one of the most significant educational systems in the world. Many of the top universities are listed in the QS University Rankings for their unmatchable teaching methods. For a small country with such established educational institutions, Australia has definitely set a benchmark for other nations. More than 60,000 students join these Universities in Australia every year!

Highly Ranked Institutions

Colleges and Universities are globally ranked for their exceptional teaching quality and commendable research output. 8 Australian Universities have made it in the top 150 of the Times Higher Education (THE) University Ranking system, 9 of them have bagged a place in the top 150 of the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), and again, 8 Universities are placed in the top 150 of the Shanghai Rankings for the year 2020. Why go and settle for less, when you can get an outstanding level of knowledge at these esteemed institutions?

Breathtaking Scenery

We study even better when we are in a more beautiful, comfortable and accommodating environment. Australia is undeniably home to beautiful landscapes which cannot be explained in words. Having about five different climate zones on the continent, you can find every type of scenery in different parts of Australia. Take a chill pill and walk down the shoreline of the beautiful beaches, or go surfing down the deep blue waves. Ski in the southeast regions of Australia or simply go for a hike in the rainforests. Have a break and breathe in life at any place in Australia- you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Easy Accessibility To The Australian Student Visa

Compared to other nations, the Australian student visa (subclass 500) is reasonably easier to be obtained. There are a series of steps to be followed for the Australian visa. Firstly, you need to apply to the institutions and be accepted by them. On acceptance, you shall receive the Confirmation of Enrolment, which is necessary to be shown for the Australian Visa. Next, you need to prove your economic stability by showing financial resources which can support you during your study course and stay at the Commonwealth of Australia. Following this, you also need to give evidence of your proficiency in the English Language by providing any Standardized English Language Tests. Lastly, you need to arrange for a few insurances. Though there are many steps involved, the following procedures are easy and you can get a Visa with fewer chances of rejection.

Live A Comfortable Life Without Having To Check The Bank Balance Regularly

The standard of living in Australia is really valued around the world. In fact, it is considered among the best, for both immigration and study purposes as well! Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably reasonable, matching the standards of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. You can get the best lifestyle with the best community around. Why not pursue a Master’s degree in Australia then?

Get A Part-time Jobs Easily

Managing your finances while staying in Australia might be a bit of a problem. Though the living is pretty affordable, your money still happens to flow out in public transportation, buying books, groceries, house rent, WiFi charges, the list just goes on. Earning alongside studying really helps out in such cases. To your luck, finding a student job is pretty easy in Australia! You can work for up to 20 hours every week, which studying. During the University breaks, you can also work full time! Try and use this opportunity to work on a domain related to your course of study, and you can get a pleasant experience as well!

Diversity Of Knowledge In This Academic Hub

Medicine, engineering, literature, history, music, computer science, mathematics, the list goes on and on. The Commonwealth of Australia offers a wide variety of choices for students interested in pursuing their Postgraduate Studies. You can also go ahead for additional vocational courses or English language training. Anything and everything you want, in one destination! Pack your bags and set sail for Australia, mate!

Work On Your English Mastery

We know that English is not our first language, and there are quite many of us who sometimes hinder and step back from talking in English. Or there may be instances when you want to work on it, but do not having anyone to help you out or have a decent conversation with. Australia welcomes you with open hands, with English as its official language. Be it the local transport system or a local grocery, the University or a mall, everyone speaks in English. This would help you in working on your mastery in the English language. After your 2 years in Australia, believe it or not, you would be the one using those Aussie slangs even more than them!

A New Land, A Vibrant Culture, A Hearty Welcome

Be accustomed to being called ‘mate’ when you go to Australia! The Australians are light-hearted people who love getting along with newbies and making them feel at home! Be it your first conversation or your hundredth one, everyone is friendly and usually uses the informal tone, so don’t get the shivers in thinking about formal topics for starters. More than 35% of the people living in Australia is the international committee, with people coming from all parts of the world. Enjoy the crazy cuisine as well – try out a crocodile, emu or even a kangaroo! It is quite common to get a variety of meat at the Commonwealth of Australia (unless you are a vegetarian, then sorry!).

Have The Upper Hand On The Job Market

Australian degrees are well respected all around the world! Be it in Australia or back home, your degree would be a big attraction to every recruiter. Having experience with the best of the developments in technology and with the brightest minds, this definitely is a BIG PLUS for you. You cannot continue in Australia to work with a student (subclass 500) visa, but instead, you can stay for an additional 12 months in the country if apply for a ‘Temporary Graduate Visa’ after completing your course of study. Also, Australia is quite open to offering jobs to international students as well, so make good use of this opportunity and get employed at one of the good firms!

The Group Of 8

The Group of 8 Universities, also called the Go8, is a group of the best institutions in Australia, known for their quality of education and their outstanding advancements and emphasis for research. Everyone bows down to the Go8 for their contributions to the world of Education. Every institution in the Go8 is also listed amongst the top 150 in every University Ranking of the world, and this happens every year! Imagine being a part of the Go8! Australia seems all the more tempting now!

Quality Assured

The Australian Government has set up the Australian Quality Assurance Framework, which is explicitly dedicated to its educational institutions. This system ensures that all the Universities and Colleges at Australia meet the benchmark set, and reach the best standards of education with constant monitoring and focus on the study plans. Apart from this, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework keeps the safety and security of incoming international students at the highest priority, thus attracting large foreign crowds from all around the world.

Support Services For The Foreign Newbies

Almost every Australian institution has a support team for all international students. This unit aids the newbies in directing them with whatever help they need or answering any queries they have. They also have a student hotline. Orientations, student prep programs, counselling services, individual mentoring and workshops help international students get the necessary skills and be more proficient in English. They also help in always mentoring students and looking out for them if they have been having a comfortable stay or not. With all these reasons, doesn’t Australia seem a top choice for students to pursue their education?